What is a dryer?

A dryer is actually an addition to a normal dryer: all laundry, shoes, clothing, etc. that should not be dried in a normal dryer can be dried in a dryer.

For example, think of:

  • (leather) jackets
  • ski wear
  • (sports/ski/bicycle) shoes and boots
  • suit or jacket
  • professional work clothing such as overalls, uniforms, etc.

How a dryer works

In a dryer, your clothes are dried very gently by heating the air. This is done using static air, which prevents delicate clothing/shoes, etc. from wearing out. A dryer is very energy efficient. An additional advantage of this method of drying is that hung-out clothing such as suits, shirts, etc. will wrinkle less.

Installing a dryer

A dryer can actually be placed anywhere. For example in the garage, in the utility room or in the attic.

However, you must take into account that in a dryer with air extraction (Easy and Sensor Dryer models) there must be a hole with a diameter of 10cm to the outside. If you choose the model with heat pump (Eco Dryer 2.0 HP), an outdoor discharge is not necessary because this is a closed system with a condensation water container.

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