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NIMO Dryer - Sensor Dryer

NIMO Dryer - Sensor Dryer

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Door hanging
  • Energy efficient
  • Prevents wear
  • Swedish top quality
  • Drying capacity of 6 kg
  • 6 automatic programs
  • Stable extendable and folding hangers depending on model choice
  • Depending on the model choice, up to 16 m suspension length
  • 2 KW heating element
  • Robust construction
  • You minimize the wear and tear of your clothing
  • Produced from recyclable materials
  • Quality tested for more than 30,000 cycles

What can be found in practically every household in the far north is hardly known to anyone in our region. This sensor dryer from Nimo is space-saving and dries clothes, shoes, gloves, suits, jackets, uniforms, etc. quickly and very economically compared to other conventional dryers with a drum. The capacity corresponds to approximately a washing line of 16 m in length or approx. 6 kg of laundry. Unlike a conventional tumble dryer, dryers do not cause wear and tear on the textiles. A jet of dry air is evenly distributed from the back wall through dozens of holes throughout the interior of the cupboard, so that the laundry dries evenly. This Sensor Dryer dryer from Nimo is fast and energy efficient and ideal for gentle clothing care. The sensor technology reduces energy consumption by as much as 40%, compared to traditional dryers, and up to 85% (!) with the unique ECO + program. The built-in sensor switches off the drying process as soon as the clothes are dry, completely automatically! You also have the option of manual timer control. The dryer is equipped with three rows of folding and pull-out hangers and three door hangers on the inside of the door.

Drying system: Remove air
Number of programs: 6
Noise level (dB): 55
Drying sensor: Sensor
Control panel: Digital
Program control: Electronic
Energy consumption per kg: 0.64
Energy consumption Normal (kWh): 2.56 (4 kg)
Drying time Normal (min): 85 (4 kg)
Overheating protection: Yes
Color: Black / Titanium / White
Height (mm): 1700/1900
Width (mm): 595
Depth (mm): 610
Weight (kg): 62
Door suspension: Left/right
Number of extendable hangers: 0 / 2 / 3
Hanging length (m): 0 / 11 / 16
Number of door hangers: 0 / 3
Number of glove hangers: 0 / 2
Number of ceiling hooks: 0 / 6
Number of shoe racks: 0
Capacity (kg dry laundry): 6
Air flow (m³/h): 184
Performance Normal (grams/min): 25 grams/min (4 kg)

Warranty & engine

  • Factory warranty period: 3 years
  • Repair type: On-site repair


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